Penang couple apologise after they were caught having sex by side of motorway

A Penang couple have issued an apology to motorists after they were snapped engaging in intercourse by the side of a busy motorway near Changkat Kledang.

The photo, which was taken by an angry motorist, was emailed to Penang Post along with the driver’s account of the unusual incident.

“I was driving home when I saw a shocking sight by the side of the road. I couldn’t believe my eyes to see a couple having sex in broad daylight, and the woman was completely naked. I pulled over and took a photo of them as evidence before shouting at them to stop it immediately.”

The couple ignored the angry motorist and continued their lovemaking until the man came. They then returned to their vehicle and drove away, leaving the motorist fuming. “I couldn’t believe what they’d done, so I got in my car and followed them to their property.”

Our journalist visited the property, located in Jelutong, to interview the couple. At first, they denied any knowledge of the incident, but when shown the incriminating photo they admitted their guilt and apologised.

“We just felt incredibly horny and wanted to have sex right there,” said the man. His wife added: “Our car is too small to do it comfortably so we just got out and did it against the side of the motorway.”

A local traffic expert condemned the couple, saying it was lucky that their lovemaking hadn’t caused a major traffic accident. “Driving is already dangerous enough without such distractions,” he said.